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Handmade Chiller Blue Eggzorcist

08 Apr 2016 . category: ldd . Comments
#handmade #chiller

Handmade Blue Eggzorcist is a Top 10 contender handmade doll. I’ll admit it was rough once someone bought her and it was time to ship her home. She sat in my office with several customs from our favorite artists, but the truth is we’re collectors and it’s hard to let go sometimes. The earlier coffins had white screen print type lettering but the coffin, but Eggzorcist with her coffin really do look dead and sinister. The base used on Eggz is slightly larger than factory run Eggys so she stands a bit taller and wider in person. We kept her in excellent condition, and considering how many hands she’s been through, it was an honor owning her for a few years because we had a chance to take tons of pictures of her. We have tons of high resolution pictures of handmade eggzorcist at our sister site:

  • http://living-dead-dolls.com


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